What is the warranty coverage period for my teapot?

As we strive for our customers to always be satisfied, VIVA Scandinavia offers a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. All you have to do is bring the product and receipt back to the shop where you bought it. Alternatively, you can contact VIVA Scandinavia by email or Facebook. We will always do our very best to help you!

Who do I contact when I have a complaint about a Viva Scandinavia product?

You can take the product and its proof of purchase back to the shop where you bought it or contact us through Facebook or by Email.

Can I acquire spare parts of Viva Scandinavia products?

Yes, various parts such as lids, knobs, handles can be acquired by contacting us through Facebook or by Email.

Where can I buy Viva Scandinavia products?

You can buy Viva Scandinavia products online at viva-scandinavia.com or at the better specialist tea shops, cookery shops, and department stores. Please check our website for more information under section “where to buy”.


Which markers can you use on our Andy/Lauren/Emma/Christina Cups?

Any marker will do: Regular pen, ballpoints, and whiteboard markers are best to use.

Can you put our teapots on a stove?

Yes, you can.

Can you put our teapots on a gas stove?

Yes, you can.

Can I pour boiling water over the cooling gel ice cubes carafe?

Yes, you can.

Can I put all Viva Scandinavia items in the microwave oven?

No. You cannot put double-walled glass, nor items with steel in the microwave oven.

Can you put our products in the dishwasher?

Our porcelain items without cork: yes, you can. (Including the Nicola range).

Our porcelain items with cork: hand-wash foamy bath only.

Our glass items without double wall: yes.

When it is double walled hand-wash foamy bath only.

All lids in wood and cork cannot go into the dishwasher: Damped cloth cleaning only.

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Tea blending is the combination of different teas together to achieve the final product.