Recharge Pro

Travel Mug Reinvented
Patented Steep Control. Leak-Proof. Makes Tea or Coffee Hot or Iced — Anytime, Anywhere
Color: Grape
Stainless Steel, Silicone, PP plastic
Sizing & Capacity

Height 23 cm, 9.1 inch

Width 7.5 cm, 3 inch

Volume With Infuser 460 ml, 15.5oz - Without 520 ml, 18 oz

Care & Maintenance
Shipping Information

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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Chi Fung Yiu
best tumbler ever

i first ordered it on kinckstarter, i have never look back until my old one got stolen at work. glad I saw this sale and since i have got my replacement i have not stop using it even for a singel day. great grip, great drinnking lip, easy clean, very insulated. stylish. just like a perfect dream, now i just have to keep it save away from my colleagues !


Great product and freat customer service! This is the best travel mug ever for tea lovers


Now that I've traveled with this cup...Thank you VIVA! Hotel I stayed at only had espresso pods and espresso sized cups. I used my recharge cup with ground coffee I had brought with me and was able to brew a much larger serving just the way I prefer my coffee. Also had a fancy water filtration bottle I easily use at home that did not react well to pressurized aircraft cabins and leaked. Recharge stepped in as my new water vessel perfectly.

Love the indent on the rim - bottom lip sits there nicely!

Phoebe Atienza
Good Until it Wasn't

I bought a bunch (4) of these travel mugs in 2021 as gifts after getting one for myself. The one I have worked well/great for tea. But, when I used the travel mug for coffee, the silicone pieces in the lid mechanics seem to have absorbed the coffee smell/taste. Now any drink I have in it tastes like stale coffee. I tried hand washing the silicone pieces/seals numerous times with no getting rid of the coffee smell/taste. Even if using without the lid, there is still a coffee stain in the inside of the mug that won't go away.

The travel mug does retain heat well for 4-5 hours, and the built in filter works well to strain tea leaves, though it would be nice if replacement filter attachments were available for sale because the mesh filter also gets discolored because of the tea after a few uses.

I also want to warn of the lack of customer support if there is a defect in the product. One of the recipients of the travel mug opened it a year after she received it when she finally wanted to replace her old travel mug, but noticed that it leaked. After comparing her travel mug to mine, I noticed that one of the gasket seals on the lid was missing on her travel mug from out of the box. I contacted VIVA multiple times for assistance, but my emails were ignored with no response. I was a little surprised with this turn, because I had received such great customer service when I first bought the travel mugs. My guess is that since my request was outside of any warranty, they didn't have to respond.

If you want my opinion: I would say that if you get a mug with all the parts, the travel mug pro will last you about 2 years. I also recommend checking that all the pieces are there and that you don't use the travel mug for coffee (unless you're okay with stale coffee smell/taste getting absorbed into the inside surfaces of the travel mug. After a year of so of regular use (I stopped using it because of the stale coffee taste), I wouldn't recommend this mug unless replacement pieces are available. I really liked the colors, though. Aesthetically, it's a beautiful travel mug, but user experience could be greatly improved if replacement parts/pieces were available.

Siri Sarva
Would like to return the recharge pro mugs

We do not like how the inner part is plastic and would like to return these mugs entirely. Please provide us with a shipping label and give us our money back. Thank you.

Patented Steep Control. Leak-Proof. Makes Teaor Coffee Hot or Iced — Anytime, Anywhere!

Finally, it’s here! The travel mug all tea and coffee lovers have been waiting for!

Regular travel mugs are designed to store water or beverage that are already made. And that means one more thing you need to clean.Recharge by VIVA is a versatile solution that brews hot and iced tea. It also makes coffee. It solves the headache of over-steeping, leaking lids and maintaining the optimal temperature of our drink until the very last drop.You can use the built-in Smart Brewer system to steep your favourite breakfast tea in the morning or make iced coffee on a hot afternoon. Or maybe you enjoy serving up delicious iced cold Southern sweet tea for two, just like your grandma made, in under 4 minutes? Whatever your choice, your beverage will last all day.

“They are so lovely and feel very premium. Everything is sturdy and works just as promised. The Pro filter is a dream!"
- Nikki Tang
Recharge is the Swiss Army knife for beverages. It’s a tumbler, teapot, tea infuser, iced tea maker, coffee press, thermos, and water bottle. This one does it all. It's everything you need for tea and coffee at a fraction of the cost.

On a budget? Recharge is an economic choice for a premium loose leaf tea or coffee experience.

Minimal living space? Recharge can help you declutter your cupboard.

Unlike other tea infusers, Recharge has a large capacity. It makes over 16 ounces (460ml) of delicious drink, keeping you satisfied and hydrated all day. And when you remove the infuser basket, Recharge holds 18 ounces (520ml) of liquid - enough to get your Grande fix.

Long-lasting freshness guaranteed. Hot liquids stay warm for 6 hours. Cold liquids stay chilled for 12 hours. Brew your hot tea or iced tea at home or on the go, and it will keep its ideal temperature for as long as your beverage lasts.